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Helping people in the Himalayas - esp. Nepal

Manang, Nepal

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Peter K. from Himalaya Karuna Deutschland e.V.
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HIMALAYA KARUNA is a non-profit association founded on the 12th April 2008 with the aim of supporting Acharya Lama Sönam Rabye’s relief projects.
These projects focus on remote rural Himalayan communities, e.g. Manang, Nepal, India or Tibet.
Support is given mainly to the elderly and the sick who have no family (e.g. children, orphans or widows); support is also given to those who need it because of physical or mental illness or to those who are suffering temporary financial difficulties (e.g. crop failure caused by the weather etc.)
We aim also to support the education of young people as well as young nuns and monks to help keep their tradition alive.
An important challenge in the coming years will be the rebuilding of the derelict monastery and its re-establishment as the flourishing centre of spiritual and social life.

Our Support Ethic
We set ourselves challenging targets for our various support projects. The most important aspect here is that the funds are applied in a timely manner and at a personal level addressing those with the most trying needs. We also cooperate with local institutions and organizations so we can benefit from their experience and enable us to develop projects together.
We really appreciate any support you can give.

Our Projects
Using your donation, we can together make a real impact. The distribution of your contributions will be done locally by those close to Lama Sönam.
1. The Elderly
2. Young nuns and monks
3. Temple

For further information please turn to our website:

The Manang area
The Manang area lies at the foot of the spectacular Annapurna mountain range. This is a remote mountainous area in Northern Nepal, where a pure and deeply religious culture has been preserved until the present day. Travel guides compare it to paradise however, the combination of extreme weather conditions and high altitude means that life is a constant challenge to the local people.
Although the lower valleys have recently developed a some tourism, the Upper Manang Valley with its villages and its small monastery are too remote to benefit from this.
Lama Sönam Rabgye had his childhood up in the Manang Valley and this has the initial focus for Himalaya Karuna’s activities.