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Funded Building an additional new school in Chamazi.

new school children Building a new elementary school Chamazi children and teenagers in Tanzania

M. Wolf from Kongregation der Schwestern des ErlösersWrite a message

Many children and teenagers in Tanzania live in extremely poor conditions.

The only personal belonging that can never be taken away from them is a good education. The opportunity for education does not come easily for the people in Tanzania. Many children of poor families cannot attend school. Rather, they need to herd animals, tend farms and care for their younger siblings.
From their own experience, our Sisters know that many schools can´t provide enough teachers or school supplies such as books. They also can´t ensure that all children learn literacy and mathematics. For this reason, our Sisters are very attentive to education in the kindergartens of our own Congregation. They start teaching children to read, write and do math very early, as many children can´t attend school later for various reasons. Although the Tanzanian people are very joyful, their everyday life is burdensome. Poverty and misery are omnipresent. Many miles need to be walked to obtain water, medical care, or to attend school. Children and women painfully pick up firewood for cooking. Women cook on the open fire in front of their clay huts. A main food eaten by the people with bare hands is ugali, a white starch.
The Sisters have lived and worked in Chamazi since 2010, in a fast growing district on the outskirts of the capital Dar es Salaam. During this short time, the Sisters have begun a Kindergarten comprised of four groups, where the children are educated in the Montessori educational theory. Because of many requests by the people of the area, Sisters began teaching three classes of elementary school in the facilities of the kindergarten. Thus, the kindergarten classes needed to be moved into the dining room and storeroom of the school. Building a new elementary school to provide adequately for the students is desperately needed.

Our project: Building an additional new school in Chamazi.
Wanted: People, who believe in the value of education, love children and generously support our project with creative ideas and financial donations.

You may be sure that your donation will go from your hands directly into the hands of our Tanzanian Sisters of the Holy Redeemer.
Further information about our Sisters work in Africa can be found on our homepage:

Together we can open the door to a better life for the children and teenagers in Tanzania.

More Information:
– about the project Sponsor „Sisters of the Holy Redeemer“
– Place: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
– started: 16. February 2015

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