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Closed SHINE 2015: Coming Soon!

A project from LEAP Program
in Tyre, Lebanon

SHINE summer camp for Palestinian refugee-youth in Lebanon.

M. Makkawi
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About this project

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SHINE (Summer Help In English) is an intensive summer camp run by the LEAP Program in the Palestinian refugee-camps of Lebanon. In partnership with the National Institute for Social Care & Vocational Training, also known as Beit Atfal Assumoud, LEAP recruits volunteers to teach English, as well as lead recreational activities while living and working in the refugee camps.

SHINE offers students a productive and safe space during their summer vacation to strengthen their English language proficiency, while simultaneously exploring various recreational skills. In addition, students go on weekly field trips that nurture and foster students' mental, physical, and social growth at a pivotal stage in their lives. Some of these activities include yoga, photography, videography, debke (a Palestinian folkloric dance), theater, social media, poetry, creative writing, among many others! In turn, our volunteers learn about the Palestinian refugee reality in general, but particularly in Lebanon and Palestinian heritage and culture. Volunteers and students share a mutual learning and sharing experience. Upon return to their home communities, volunteers are encouraged to raise awareness about the plight of Palestinian refugees.

LEAP has been operating its summer project SHINE since 2010. We have impacted over 3000 youth over the past 5 years, over 160 volunteers, and 50 teachers. Help us bring the same summer experience to over 600 Palestinian refugee-youth in the camps of Lebanon this summer.

Adolescents face a number of social pressures and adult-like responsibilities. SHINE allows them to be children, while also re-inspiring their thirst for knowledge. English is an essential skill because in Lebanon, students must take a national exam for promotion to high school, which is administered in English. LEAP's SHINE project aims to remedy these impediments and advance youth through our intensive and fun summer project, which promises to make students feel more confident, happy, and accomplished.

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- $60-119: Limited edition LEAP 2015-2016 calendar with youth drawings from our SHINE 2015 collection;
- $120-249: Limited edition LEAP cards that can be used for the holidays, thank you and thinking of you notes, among others!
- $250-500: Name listed on the back of our SHINE 2015 youth/staff tshirts, the LEAP website & at our student closing ceremony with parents, community members, and youth, as well as a SHINE 2015 tshirt;
- $1000: Personalized thank you video message from LEAP & a postcard