Funded Refugees Welcome

An aid project by “Mensch Mensch Mensch e.V.” (Jonas K.) in Berlin, Germany

Jonas K. (Project Manager)

Jonas K.
Why shouldn't refugees in Germany be able to live in shared flats (or other normal housing situations) instead of mass accommodation?
We thought the same & found a way to make it possible.
We are convinced that refugees should not be stigmatized and excluded by being housed in mass accommodations. Instead, we should offer them a warm welcome. We believe we can establish a more humane culture of welcoming refugees!
1. Signing Up Your Flat
Housing refugees in private accommodation brings advantages for both sides: refugees are able to live in adequate accommodation, learn the language better, and adjust to the new environment more easily. You, on the other hand, will get to know a different culture and help a person in a difficult situation. If you want to take part in this, sign up here. We will put you in touch with a refugee who fits you and your flat. When you register your flat we ask for some details about your living situation, such as the number of flatmates, the languages you speak, your city and surroundings etc.. This information will help us match hosts with refugees.

2. Getting In Touch
After you sign up, an external organisation who works with refugees in your city will help find a suitable flatmate for you. When we have found someone suitable we will put you both in contact, so that you can get to know each other. If everybody is happy, the refugee will move in shortly after. In our FAQ we explain why too much time should not pass between meeting and the refugee moving in.

3. Starting the Funding

There are many options to finance the rent. From our experience, we recommend micro-donations: several people provide small donations on a monthly basis. We sent e-Mail requests to friends and acquiantances, and within two weeks ensured rent for a whole year. The committments range between 3€ and 50€ per month, using monthly bank transfers or up-front donations. Another option is to use an established platform to crowdfund.
Several federal states in Germany (for example, Berlin) offer support for refugees to move out of shared accommodation and help finance the new residence. Thus, if a refugee with approved residency moves into a shared flat in Berlin, the rent should generally be paid for by the federal state. However, there are different regulations for every federal state. Contact us for more information!

4. Here we go!
After you get to know each other, your new flatmate will move in. We will support you during this time and will be there for your questions. You can always approach a local refugee organisation, such as the matching body. Many of these provide language courses, help with connecting to the community or provide support in the search for internships or admission to university classes.
Be a supporter: Are you interested in supporting us? We are happy about every mail to

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Location: Berlin, Germany

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