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Help us to distribute used glasses and eye medicine in Westafrica!

Heidelberg, Germany

The right for seeing not for everybody in Africa of course. Avoidable blindness is one widespread and in the least notable global problem. Here we want to help and here you can help. RIGHT TO SEE "people help people" inc.

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We want to help people with amblyopia or other eye diseases in westafrica.

Up to now we organise our donation days in which we distribute glasses and ocular medicine free of charge in the village Tanji in GAMBIA. There we can use the space of a museum, owned by a friend and cofounder of RIGHT TO SEE "people help people" inc.

RIGHT TO SEE "people help people" was founded in 2012 by Milagros Iglesias and Pascal Mendy together with their Gambian friends Gibril Tamba, Abdoulie Bayo, Joanna Mendy-Njie and Baboucar Yarbo. Since 2012 we could already supply many people with glasses and ocular drugs - of course free of charge. A partner association was founded it Heidelberg in 2014.

This is what we stand for as a charitable association! We still have a lot of work in front of us.

However, not all people in Gambia and the neighbouring countries find their way to us. Because of a lack of infrastructure or money for the journey, many people are not able to come to our donation days.

To reach also people in remote villages in Gambia and also in the neighbouring countries Senegal and Guinea Bissau, we need your help! Our aim is to purchase a transporter and by this means supply even more people with glasses and ocular medicine. Through an acquisition in Germany and the transportation of the transporter to Gambia, we can save costs.

In detail we need the following to be able to help more people:

- a used transporter for approx. 7,000 euros
- the costs for a transportation to Gambia: 3,500 euros

With your donation people in Gambia and the neighbouring countries will be able to take part in the everyday life. They can improve not only their living conditions but also the conditions of their family.

Overall you will help us to improve the improvement of the situation in Westafrica.

We would be more than happy if you support our project!