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Help the abandoned strays living on the landfill in Bihac Bosnia

A project from Vox Animalis e.V.
in Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Strays in Bihac Bosnia landfill help

C. Bender
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For a while now we have been trying to make life easier and worth living for stray dogs in Bihac, Bosnia. About 10 minutes outside of the city is a major landfill which is now used as a kind of shelter for strays. The dogs are caught on the street and taken to the landfill. Unfortunately there is hardly anyone taking care of the dogs after they are dumped there. Every now and then they get old, dry bread to eat and the cages are cleaned every few days. We are constantly collecting donations for neutering, food, hay so winter won't mean death for the dogs and are also driving out to Bosnia quite often in order to take dogs to their well deserved foster homes in Germany. This past year we managed to put roofs on the few cages available, which were already there, in order to stop the dogs from being snowed in in their own cage and miserably freezing to death, which has happened in the past. We have managed to find a few nice volunteer builders, who agreed to come with us to Bihac and build fenced run free areas around each cage in order to provide the dogs with room to avoid one another, lay in the sun and simply raise the very little quality of life they have. In order to accept this generous offer, we will have to have enough money in order to buy the materials necessary. Which is why we started this project. Please help make life easier for the strays. Run free areas mean less stress for the dogs and more protection. Every donation, no matter how small will help us reach our goal!!