Funded The Seed Children - a cultural show

An aid project by Bontekanye B. in Maun, Botswana

Bontekanye B. (Project Manager)

Bontekanye B.
This October 2008 Bontekanye Botumile will launch her third book “The Seed Children”. A story encouraging children to conserve trees and their environment.

LAUNCH THEME- “Trees are life! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!”

Like the two previous books, it will be launched in a live performance of choral music, poetry and drama by twenty unemployed youthand an art fair. They will undergo rigorous training by professionals for six to eight weeks.

Twenty other artists will benefit from the launch by introducing their services and products to potential market. These include:

(Anne Uren-choreographer, Charles Lesia-music composer, Ketsweletse Jane-choir master, Joe-Dikampa-graphic designer, Debra Stein-Illustrator,)

Artists and Vendors can exhibit and sell hand made products,

Anna Kaniguba: will design beads for the choir.

Gwen Spackman/Tsitsi Mahachi: Will design costumes for performance.

Hal Bowker: An engineer will introduce an environmental friendly locomotive drawn by either humans or animals to assist people who have to collect and carry firewood and water from long distances.

Lin Cassidy: will create a family board game with Bontekanye Botumile to introduce indigenous trees and encourage people to save trees.

Marek Marcianak (svd) will record the soundtrack and film the stage production to create the DVD.

Mud Pie: will design the choir outfits and costumes for the event.

Donations will enable the launch as a marketing tool for people with unique product and services but have no forum from which to launch them from.

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Location: Maun, Botswana

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