HIV prevention; Life Skills and Football

An aid project by “Africaid's WhizzKids United” (WhizzKids U.) in Durban, South Africa

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WhizzKids U. (Project Manager)

WhizzKids U.
Africaid’s HIV prevention programme,WhizzKids United (WKU) is a pioneering approach to HIV prevention in that it uses football as a medium to teach life skills designed to enhance HIV prevention.
The ten-hour educational intervention taught on the football pitch, typically at schools during school hours. It teaches the children (12 girls and 12 boys at a time) in a language they all understand and enjoy: football. The children are taught professional football skills and these are then linked to a valuable life lesson by analogy (for instance, ball control in football is linked to self-control in life). The children come away from the course with empowered with knowledge, motivation and skills to remain HIV-free.

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Location: Durban, South Africa

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