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Closed A comic to rescue the American crocodile in Colombia

A project from Asocaiman
in San Antero, Córdoba, Colombia

A comic to promote the playful and intuitive environmental education of children in the region around San Antero, Colombia which is given by Asocaiman, a organization supporting the rescue and conservation of American crocodiles on the Caribean cost.

Bettina K.
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About this project


The American crocodile is considered a critically endangered species on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and trade in the species is regulated through the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Fauna.

ASOCAIMAN supports the rescue and conservation of crocodiles on the Colombian Caribbean coast in San Antero since 2005. The organization was founded by a biologist couple Clara Sierra and Giovanni Ulloa together with 18 former crocodile hunters. They do not hunt animals anymore, but collect their eggs in the mangrove forests to raise the crocodiles and release them back to nature, when they are big and strong enough to survive in their natural environment.
In addition ASOCAIMAN teaches environmental education in the local schools. An adequate education and awareness is a prerequisite for the future of the populations of crocodiles in Colombia.

The AIM of our project is, therefore, through the development and provision of free vivid teaching materials, to promote the playful education on site. The children of the region shall understand the importance of the American crocodile for the ecosystem and their community and become active in their protection.

How do we want to do that?

1. Development and printing of a comic
In cooperation with ASOCAIMAN the Colombian artist Luis Echavarria is developing a comic. Through the comic it should be made clear to the students, how important the American crocodiles role is for the balance of the ecosystem and that they cannot be hunted. Eggs of crocodiles and turtles may not be eaten, too. The comic ends with a quiz to ensure reflection of the statement of the comic. The comic will be 10 pages + title page + Quiz.

2. Visits of the students of the 3rd grade to Asocaiman and distribution of the Comic
The comic will be distributed during visits to ASOCAIMAN to children from the region, the third grade (total, about 1000 students, 30 children per visit / day), and worked through in a teaching unit. The children receive a free guided tour on the farm. Through this experiential education approach, knowledge is conveyed in a playful, interesting and impressing way.

3. Transport of classes to ASOCAIMAN
The Secretary of Education is supporting the project by taking over the transportation of the classes for the organization in school buses and a snack for each child will be provided
A total of 34 trips distributed over the half year is planned.

Partners of the project:
The Secretary for Education is a supporter of the project. It has agreed to promote the project in the long term.

HAPPY WORLD Stuff donates the project stickers and the entire proceeds of the HAPPY WORLD - Bags sale also go as a donation to this project.

Gaviero Filmes produced this fundraising film without compensation.

To finance the comic for a playful enviromental education, we need your support!