Funded kickHIV! - The power of soccer against HIV/AIDS

An aid project by “Go Ahead! e.V.” (J. Hillje) in Pretoria, South Africa

J. Hillje (Project Manager)

J. Hillje
Once the FIFA Soccer world cup begins in summer 2010, people all over the world will follow the events in South Africa. What they are not likely to notice is the fact that 800- 1000 people die there per day. This is why Go Ahead! organizes the kickHIV! campaign, bringing together those people who want to combat this tragedy and to collect for an innovativ AIDS- educational project.
Go Ahead! Is a help organization founded in 2007 by young people. We support local educational projects in Southern Africa. At the moment, we have 400 members and student associations at 10 Universities.
This project is built on the enormous popularity of soccer in South Africa, especially among kids and teenagers. Soccer coaches are well respected especially among young adults, and during soccer practice kids are more open for information about HIV than is the case with conventional seminars in school. This approach was developed by Africans a few years ago and has been successfully applied ever since. Meanwhile the World Health Organization, as well as several Universities, has confirmed the effectiveness of this approach.
With the help of Heartbeat ( Umzingisi (, our local partner organization, we would like to establish this project in as many of the nine South African provinces as possible.
Help now to collect the needed amount of money to realize this project in the province of “Eastern Cape.” During the kickHIV- Campaign (May-July), there are going to be benefits all over Germany. You can find further Information about us on our website

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Location: Pretoria, South Africa

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