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buntkicktgut - the intercultural street football league for kids and youth

A project from buntkicktgut gemeinnützige GmbH
in München, Germany

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G. Kindelán Roché
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buntkicktgut was founded in 1997 and is since then working for kids and youth with and without migrational background. Offering a continuing streetfootball-league, participating youth get appriciation of their personality, irrespective of their social situation or origin. In sportive play they realize that mutual respect, tolerance and fairness are a requirement for friendly interaction.

Help us to further improve our outreach by employing more Street Football Workers:

So called Streetfootball-Worker are carrying out our programs in the different suburbs and on various rudimentary football grounds across the city. Most of these youth and young adults working with us come from the same social environments as their participants and have therefore an unique connection to the beneficiaries.

Due to your donation it will be possible to further increase our number of Streetfootball-Workers, as well as paying them a small amount of money for their work and commitment.

Donate to our sport and recreational programs for refugees:

buntkicktgut was founded in 1997, working with refugees from former yugoslawia and other regions of crisis of this era. Today several hundred refugees arrive in Munich every week, to plead for asylum in Germany. Most of them have been on their way for a long time and gained traumathic experiences on the journey.

Offering sports training and tournaments we are offering short term as well as long term help. Not only is sport and football able to reduce stress and agression, it also helps significantly to bring different cultural groups together, as the play together. Tournaments and training offer a routine as well as having the chance to get out of the facility and meeting with people from similar facilities and make contact with "German Teams" participating in our events and tournaments.

With your donation we will be able to expand and further improve our outreach to refugees, offering them a continuing possibility to socialize, have fun and integrate into their new home.

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