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Closed Cleft operations and family support in the Philippines

As a Rucksack Coach, I support worldwide helping hands and children in need. I am on the ground in children charities, orphanages and social projects. Together we are strong.

A. Lulu from Rucksack Coach Lulu gemeinnützige UG (hb)Write a message

Poverty, malnutrition, inadequate folic acid during pregnancy as well as genetic conditions often lead to many children being born with cleft lips. The NCFP foundation organizes operations for these children and, in so doing, enables them to have re-start their lives in dignity. All too frequently, these children are not able to have an operation because of their general circumstances. For example, a child might be undernourished and money may not be available for required vitamins. Frequently, these children are ill because of their open airways.

The goal of many families is to escape from this poverty. A pre-condition for doing so is good schooling. Unfortunately, the money needed is too often absent to finance the education of children.

It is here that my Rucksack-Coach concept works. I help children and families by offering psycho-social support. In addition, I advance the money to families and make certain that those receiving it, despite obstacles, receive the necessary operations. This includes providing balanced nutrition and required vitamins. It also means explaining the details to patients, strengthening their self-confidence and helping to improve living conditions. To assist with these expenses, I am collecting donations and, additionally, looking for sponsors that help enable a basic education for these children and help their families pay for visits to medical clinics.

Currently, I am working with ten cleft patients and their families that I would like to support financially. Details on these families can be found in the below photo gallery.