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Canaan Conference Berlin 15.-18.12. 2014 - Women for Peace in Middle

Berlin, Germany

In Berlin we host Canaan Conference „Women for Peace in Middle East“ 15th - 18th Dec 2014, carried by Förderverein Friedensfestival with 45 female decider from Israel, Palestine and Germany to work out a roadmap for peace. Your donation is needed.

I. Edelkraut from CPIP Förderverein Friedensfestival Berlin e.V. | 
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About this project

In Berlin we host Canaan Conference „Women for Peace in Middle East“ from 15th - 18th of December 2014, carried by Förderverein Friedensfestival e.V. and UN Women National Comitee Deutschland e.V. 45 female decider from Israel, Palestine and germany will work out a „Roadmap for Peace“ and a petition for EU Parliament. and German government It requests to establish a public political peace conference at gevernmental level and with the participation of all relevant women organisations. Fundamentally for that Request is UN Resolution 1325 ´Women, Peace and Security´, obliging each UN-Memberstate, to involve Women mandatory in peacemaking and peacekeeping actions. Canaan Conference is beyond that the kick off for a ´Center for Partnership with Israel and Palestine´ (CPIP) in Berlin.

Goals of Conference
The obligations of UN-Resolution 1325 should be met by the following steps with regard to the Peaceprocess in Middle East: 1) Developing a ´Roadmap for Peace´, based upon the UN Resolution 1325 ´Women, Peace and Security´ 2) Formulation of a Petition to EU Parliament, to give a call for a public Peace Conference on Middle East 3) Start up a ´Center for Partnership with Israel and Palestine´ 4) Initiation of bi-, tri-, and multilateral projects.

FORM of the Conference
Conference will be splitted in an internal and a public event. At the 15th, 17th and
18th of December there will be internal meetigns and workshops within the 45 female deciders from Israel, Palestine and Germany. At the 16th of December Conference will be opened for the public with Presentations, Panels and a Filmscreening. Keynote speaker report on capacitys of partizipation of women in the peaceprocesses and peaceencouragement of Israel, Palestine and Germany. At the Panel regarding the "UN-Resolution 1325 in respect of the Middle east Conflict – Reality or Utopia?“ both ambassadors in Germany, the one of the Palestinian Mission, Dr. Khouloud Daibes and the one from Israel Embassy, Yakov Hadas-Handelsman, are invited.
„Within the Eye of the Storm“ reports on the engagement of „Parents Circle“, a formal community of bereaved Families, supporting each other to deal with the fate of having loss of some dependant by the Middle East Conflict without choosing the path of hate but with the choice of peaceful means and recounciliation.

We believe, people who communicate, sing, dance, work, laugh with each other cannot by any mean hate each other. We already accomplished hugh of the challenge of the conference and are proud to host amazing partner of different sectors in each of those three countries. Expenses of travel, hosting and visa expenses are already covered, as well as professional facilitators. But we still are in need for stuff and issues granting a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere, raising the conference to be a real peace event. Your donation will raise and enable this peace event and peace conference. Thank you from the depth of our hearts.
Updated at 18. September 2020