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Closed Ride4Water

We are riding for water and a better life in Ethiopia in cooperation with the "Welthungerhilfe".

A. Chwolka from Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V.Write a message

On the 1st of April 2014 we started in Leipzig. It took us 170 days to ride through 12 european countries and do 7700km on our bicycles. The route was :
Germany – Switzerland – France – England – Netherlands (- Germany) - Sweden – Finnland – Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania – Poland – Czech Republic – (Germany).
You can see some more details and pictures about our tour on the Facebookpage that we updated from time to time while being on the road:

During the trip we got more and more concious of how important the acces to clean drinking water is!
At home you just go to the tab and drink, wash, etc. Living on the road we had to find water in always new places like private households, public toilets, wells, lakes and rivers.
But even that was quite easy, since in Europe we’re very lucky that almost everywhere the tabwater has a very good quality. In many regions of the world people have to walk many kilometers to get water, which additionally is often contaminated.
That’s why we started supporting the Waterprojects of “Viva con Agua”, a partner of “Welthungerhilfe”.

Now that we’re back in Germany we want to keep on helping! In cooperation with „Welthungerhilfe“ we support the milleniumvillage Sodo and the surrounding communities in the Oromiya-region of Ethiopia.
A working water supply is the basis for the sustainable and selfsufficient development of the villages.
Bevor the Project started in Sodo in 2006 life was hard for the small-scale farmers. The traditional and monotone husbandry with low incomes, depleted soils and the lack of an alternative income went along with poverty, malnutrition and hunger. Many inhabitants suffered from diarrhea due to the lack of access to clean drinking water. Many men left the region and went to the capital and other parts of the countries to find a job with which they can nourish their families.
With the support of the Welthungerhilfe and committed donators the people achieved a lot since then.
Wells, places to wash and latrines were controlled, repaired and new ones were built, additionally workshops about hygiene took place.
With the improvement of the local agriculture, that took place, the inhabitants of Sodo now have a broad and stable and independent basis of income and can go on improving their live situation.
The same progress shall happen in the surrounding villages!

For every kilometer we rode, we want to collect 1€, so the goal is at least 7700€!

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