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Humanitarian and psychological help for refugees in Iraq

Erbil, Iraq

Humanitarian and psychological help for refugees in Iraq

Erbil, Iraq

Humanitarian and psychosocial help for IDPs in Kurdistan, North Iraq: Yezidi, Christians, Muslims, Kurds, Shabak, Kaka'i and others who escaped IS and need psychological support and emergency help.

Aylin Koç from Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights | 
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About this project

Some three million persons were forced to leave their hometowns in Iraq. More than one million found refuge in the safer north, especially the Kurdish Region of Iraq. They run from the self-proclaimed "Islamic State", which since January makes advances in Iraq and displaced hundreds of thousands persons practically overnight when they took Mosul and Sinjar. The capacity of the Kurdish Region to provide proper shelter and assistance for all persons is overstretched.

Since summer, the aid organization Misereor is supporting us with the distribution of goods. We delivered ice and water to newly arrived internally displaced persons from Mosul, food and hygiene products to Yezidi in Duhok governorate, or kerosene to refugees in Baharka camp. We further provide medical and psychological help through mobile teams, consisting of psychologists and doctors, to displaced persons and refugees in several parts of the region. 

With this fundraiser we plan to support our current activities by supplementing the following needs financially:

Since last August we organized several aid distributions at which we delivered humanitarian aid such as food, hygiene products, clothing or heating material and provided medical help. We especially sought out locations yet to be reached by aid. Our emergency aid continues this year. 

Many of the persons fleeing had been exposed to grave scenes, witnessed the brutal death of loved ones, had to leave parents behind, and some women became victims of sexualized violence. The sudden loss of one’s home, the difficult life in exile and the constant sharing of gruesome stories is a great psychological burden on the victims, both adults and children. Their traumas settle. Cases of domestic violence and attacks against women and children increase. Through psychological counseling the refugees are enabled to process their experiences, find emotional release and develop a positive outlook for the future.

Here you can see our previous distributions: 
9. August in Erbil:
18. August in and around Duhok:
18. October in Baharka near Erbil:
27. October in Dayrabun (near the Syrian and Turkish border):
3. November in Arbat Camp near Sulaymaniyah:
8. November in Jarmo near Chamchamal:
17. Dezember at Sinjar mountains:
23. December at Sinjar mountains:
30. December at Sinjar mountains:
2. January at Sharaf al-Din shrine in Sinjar:
Updated at 21. July 2020