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PLAY HANDBALL - enable kids in Africa to play hanball and grow with it

Support PLAY HANDBALL ZA to create a positive future for the kids and youth in Africa with handball. Help us to make a change and educate kids in a fun way that they are prepared for a positive future. Help us today and find out more about PHZA

Yannic D. from PLAY HANDBALLWrite a message

PLAY HANDBALL ZA is a sport and development organization in South Africa fosuing on handball. Promoting and establishing handball as a new game in South Africa contribute to a more diverse and gender-inclusive sport environment and finally more possibilities for the youth to get their involvement in sport.

We use handball as a new sport in South Africa as an engine to empower young women and cross racial boundaries. As handball has no history in the country and played equally by both genders over the world, it serves as an ideal setting within which to promote dialogue and empowerment. The sport also requires little equipment and is low cost, allowing it to be played everywhere.

Why should you donate this project?

PLAY HANDBALL ZA creates opportunities for the kids and youth in disadvantage areas in South Africa with handball. The kids and youth are able to play! Handball teaches them lifeskills and values like fairness, team spirit and responsibility. Girls gain self-confidence through sport to take on responsibility for their own life and their environment. Beside positive personal and social benefits, sport is a great tool for the kids and youth to get active and have fun together, and beside this to get them away from drugs, crime and gangs.

How do you use the donation?

With your support we will buy handball equipment (balls, goal posts, teaching manuals etc.) for the daily work of the volunteers in the communities. Furthermore we will be able to offer more service to the partner organisations and to facilitate handball workshops, to increase the network for handball development and be able to host more events to get more kids and youth involved in sport.

We ensure that the equipment will find the way directly to the organisation PLAY HANDBALL ZA and ensure that the donations are only used for the purposes as mentioned.

Can I support more?

Sure! Visit , like us on facebook ( or follow us on twitter #playhandballza or Instagram @play.handball and tell everyone about this project. “Charing is caring!! :-)

Thanks so much for your support and interest in our project.

Yours' Yannic and Nicola