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Enjoyment, Education & Perspektive for Disadvantaged Youth I Play Handball

South Africa

Play handball for a sustainable future for the youth. Handball is our tool to empower the youth, teach social skills, promote education & create opportunities for social growth for the individual & the community. We give disadvantaged youth a future.

Nicola S. from PLAY HANDBALL
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PlayHandball (PH) is a non-profit youth development organisation that focuses on the team sport of handball. Handball is our tool to empower the youth, teach life skills, promote education and create opportunities for social growth for the individual & the community.

Through handball, we are able to give young people the opportunity to experience joy, team spirit and healthy competition. We reinforce their self-esteem through positive experiences, generate enthusiasm and impart valuable life skills such as responsibility. We want to contribute to a world in which young people have the competence & skills to shape a positive and peaceful future for themselves and others.

We work directly in the disadvantaged target communities through local cooperation. Handball is the tool to create learning experiences around valuable life skills and important socio-political topics such as environmental conservation, social cohesion, (gender) equity, inclusion, as well as health. We build capacity on grassroots level, and support our local partners with knowledge, equipment and volunteers.

Give positive experiences & belonging
  • We facilitate handball afternoon programs at disadvantaged schools & communities (in 3 communities in Kenya with 260 children and in 8 communities in South Africa with up to 600 children)
  • We host the PlayHandball Super Cup, the first Handball & Education tournament against climate change (over 1400 kids have participated in 8 tournaments since 2016)
Support education & personal development
  • We develop educational programs for handball & life skills (like our Handball & Environment Manual)
  • We give training courses (over 600 participants in 27 workshops)
Finance sustainable sports structures & social growth
  • We support local organisations in building up their own sports structures & with sports equipment (currently we support 8 partner communities in South Africa and three in Kenya)
Help us to give young people a perspective with handball.

For more information on what are we doing and how you can else help, visit, like us on facebook @playhandballza or follow us on Instagram @play.handball or twitter #playhandballza.