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Closed JOURVIE - digital food diaries for patients with eating disorders

Jourvie is an app providing support for people with eating disorders - directly, confidentially and effectively. Goodbye boring paper-based food journals! Hello simplification and relief, wrapped in appealing design!

Ekaterina A. from Jourvie gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)Write a message

Worldwide, 80 million people are affected by eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia or binge eating). With a mortality rate of 17%, eating disorders have the highest death rate amongst patients with mental diseases. During the therapy food journals and behavioral analysis must be brought to paper. This information is of particular importance for the therapy, because it is being analyzed by therapists and patients so that a severe eating malpractice can be discovered and controlled.

We need your help: Because we are launching the app in January 2015!
And all the work we have done so far was voluntary. On our last meters, we are looking for some donnations.

The biggest hurdle for patients is the fill-out of food journals. By using Jourvie, users can fill out their logs in a simple and discreet manner. Hence, the disease can be easily and positively integrated into the daily routine.

The app has following features: a digital nutrition diary with reminder; an archive and export function for storing of data; a diary; several coping strategies for dealing with difficult situations and an appointment reminder for the next therapy. The statistical analysis can be sent directly to the therapist and used for the rehabilitation process.