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Jourvie gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

managed by Ekaterina A.

About us

Jourvie supports people with eating disorders during their recovery. Only 50% of the 80 mio. affected people worldwide complete a therapy, and 1 out of 6 patients dies due to the illness. We want to change this and contribute to the suceessful termination of therapies – by creating a digital solution

As part of the therapy, the patients are supposed to fill out paper diaries after every meal. The paper-based log is impractical and indiscreet, and means a lot of tedious paperwork. Another problem is the lack of moral support from family and friends as well as the sinking motivation during therapy.

To help the youngsters we developed an app (test-version for Android exists already) which supports and provides them with a food diary, mood diary, motivating and coping tactics - all of these are essential parts for the successful recovery and used in collaboration with therapists. The app tackles problems of sinking motivation and lack of moral support, wrapped in smart design. Eating diaries can be easily shared with the therapist to discover eating habits of patients.

We expect following impacts: the collecting of necessary data becomes more convenient and time efficient; the users are more motivated to finish therapy; the therapy will be successfully completed; the communication between doctors and patients improves, treatment efficiency increases and drop-out rates decrease.

Core activity is the app-development (Android + iOS). But in future, Jourvie will also focus on prevention strategies such as community-building and awareness trainings.

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  Ekaterina A.  21 December 2015 at 04:51 PM

Super, rechtzeitig zu Weihnachten! Für unsere ehrenamtlichen MitarbeiterInnen können davon kleine Weihnachtsgeschenke gekauft werden.

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