Funded Protect from sexual violence

An aid project by “CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V.” (A. Barth) in Sambia/Lusaka, Zambia

A. Barth (Project Manager)

A. Barth
Sexual violence is widespread in Zambia and is directed against women and girls. The government has taken stringent measures against such crimes, but there is still a lack of structures to cover a large area. Those affected usually have no possibility of protection from their abusers or to report to the police.

Moreover, in large parts of Zambia abuse, rape and forced marriage will not be publicly condemned. Only a few crimes are reported to the police and the number of unreported cases is very high. In Zambia CARE establishes two more women's shelters for victims of sexual violence. The existing counselling centres will be expanded and strengthened. The project aims to provide advice and protection for up to 4,000 women and girls. In addition to the psychological, medical and legal assistance for those affected, the project aims to train professional helpers. Up to 700 volunteers from the population, but also civil servants, police officers, social workers and medical personnel are made aware of the issue and learn how to handle women affected with sexual violence.

This is to ensure that victims of violence are supported in a sensitive manner to overcome their traumatic experiences. The staff of the Women's Refuge provides legal assistance to ensure that the violence are reported. In addition 100 traditional leaders and 40 journalists are made aware of the issue so that the problematic comes more in the centre of the public interest. Through publicity, the public is encouraged to not ignore abuses against women and children but to report those crimes. The multifaceted cooperation with local partners ensures the sustainability of the measures. The project has a high reputation with the Government of Zambia.

CARE is recipient of the PriceWaterhouse Coopers Transparency Award 2008:

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Location: Sambia/Lusaka, Zambia

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