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I triggered a payout for these needs:

A. Menor
A. Menor wrote on 19-01-2015

The money will be divided for the salary of the house mother, for the education and food of the children.

 Part of the requested donation will be used to pay  the salary of our house mother. She is working hard 24/7 and her salary is not enough for the work she is doing to  take care our children in the orphanage. It is also a big help for the daily food of our children specially now that we have 3 new children admitted in the orphanage. This money can be used to buy additional rice, vegetables and others.

The money for education will be use to pay their miscellaneous expenses,  school supplies and extra uniforms or costume if they are included in school activities.

We would like to thanks the staff and administration for the help you have done to us specially to Mr. Niko Glasow for his donation.

We hope for your kind approval on our request for payout.



A donation amount of €620.00 was requested for the following needs:

  • Education of one blind for one year €220.00
  • $4.75 a day for the meals of on child €200.00
  • $ 116.00 Salary of housemother for 1 mon. €200.00