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in Quito, Ecuador

CENIT's Adopt-a-Dream program strives to improve the lives of the children in Quito, Ecuador by providing financial assistance so they can get an education and live healthier lives. You have the power to make their dreams come true.

Tom Z.
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About this project

Donate as little or as much as you want and can.
EVERY €uro makes a difference. 100% of your contribution goes to the children's dreams.

The purpose of C.A.N is to create films that make changemaking a simple, fast, fun and satisfying experience. The films enable everyone who sees them to participate in the changemaking process and with a few mouse clicks change the life of a child in a different part of the world. That's simple, fast, and fun. Through transparency and follow-up you will get to see exactly what a difference your contribution has made. That's satisfying. 
And all it takes you is 3 minutes to watch the film and a dollar to make a difference.


ADOPT-A-DREAM is a program run by an organization called CENIT in Quito, Ecuador.
which seeks to help the children who are most in need. The children come from extremely difficult family situations, including severe poverty, abuse and abandonment. The children, who are between the ages of 4 and 18, all work to survive and do not receive adequate medical attention, nutrition or schooling. The Adopt-a-Dream program strives to improve the lives of the children we serve by providing financial assistance that enables them to work less (hopefully even stop working), get an education and live healthier lives. 

Please visit CENIT's website to find out more on HOW IT WORKS:

C.A.N loves this program and the great, caring people who are running it: Ruth Rosero, Gladys Perez, Monica Alexandra Rivas Ruiz and everyone else working there as social workers, teachers or volunteers...

If you watch this video with Ruth Rosero you will see that your donation is in good hands 

Usually the ADOPT-A-DREAM is designed as a one-on-one sponsoring program. 
One 'padrino' sponsors one child. The minimum commitment is $30/month for at least a year.
That's $360 or around 270 €uro.

C.A.N wants to support the program through the magic of TOGETHERNESS.
Here ANYONE can donate ANY AMOUNT and thereby join the DREAM-ADOPTERS-CLUB. When the schoolyear starts in September we will take whatever amount we have collected and send that many children to school. Let's say we - as a group - manage to collect $2000 - then we can take 6 children off the waiting list.
These 6 children can go to school then for one year and all the donors will get frequent updates on how those 6 kids are doing.
That way a pool of donors sponsors a pool of children in a collective effort.

Of course you can also donate $360/year and thereby sponsor ONE PARTICULAR CHILD and become his or her Padrino.

If you have any questions, please contact TOM directly: