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Vital and Natural Outdoor Area for 80 Kindergarten Kids in Cologne, Germany

The children of the kindergarten "SKM Familienzentrum Köln Höhenhaus II (St. Hedwig)" needs donations to shape their outdoor area. Please support us with your charitable donation for a lively and sheltered Nature-Play-Ground area!

S. Dörmann from SKM Familienzentrum Köln-Höhenhaus II (St. Hedwig)Write a message

80 children of the kindergarten need your help for shaping their outdoor area into a vital and natural playground.
In 2013 the kindergarten “SKM Familienzentrum Köln Höhenhaus II (St. Hedwig)” has been enlarged from 2 to 4 groups (plus 1 outsourced group). A generous extension has been connected harmoniously to the older part.
The new rooms became very bright and friendly. The two new groups feel very comfortable there.
Unfortunately funds are still required for an attractive arrangement of the outer area.
The building measures for the main house resulted in several damages in the existing outdoor area.
Also attractive playground equipment is missing – as well as trees, bushes and flowers. These will provide shadow, screen the kindergarten from view and make the experience of nature´s wonders possible.

Children need room to let of steam and calm down, for untroubled evolvement and retreat.
They want playgrounds, which meet their needs and allow them to have experiences according to their age.
We need your help and support for this!

For the time being we put the utmost urgency on the playground for the smallest children of all. The group of the under-3-year-olds “House of the little gnomes” has their own playground directly in front of their rooms. This area is aside from the playground of the older children.
The first things to be built there are a nice wooden sandbox and a wooden wendy house. Also we want to set boundaries for this play area. We hope the little ones will feel safe and secure there and their playground will be well manageable for them.

The shared playground will be complemented by a large bird´s nest swing. Here younger and older children can easily play together. In the shadow of a large tree a hexangular bench is planned. It might be used as resting place or lookout into the sandbox area.

Several other elements of a large playground area are scheduled and await realization.

We would like to use the spring time to start the project!
The little Gnomes and all other kindergarten children say THANK YOU!!!

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