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Closed Green Cameroon - Support Nature Protection and environment education!

A project from Green Cameroon
in Buea, Cameroon

Green Cameroon is an NGO with a strong commitment for environmental protection in Buea region. Focus of Green Cameroon is environmental education in schools and orphanages, empowerment of local villagers, reforestation and potable water management.

S. Woehrle
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About this project

Green Cameroon is a small NGO in Buea that works towards environmental protection. It was founded in 2003 by a group of young Cameroonians who felt concerned about the level of environmental degradation and lack of interest and awareness on environmental issues that prevailed at the level of the population of Cameroon.

Green Cameroon was founded with a mission to conserve Cameroon’s rich biodiversity by working on practical solutions to solve nature conservation problems. We pay close attention to sustainable development, rural community livelihood and contemporary environmental issues.

This NGO in Buea, South-West Region, was formed with a strong commitment to fighting for environmental protection in our communities on issues like deforestation, desertification, unsustainable farming practices, improper waste management and waste disposal methods, water scarcity, health problems linked to sanitation and general lukewarm attitude towards environment and nature conservation issues. Green Cameroon helps local community members to live better lives by improving on living standards alongside making scarce resources available for posterity.

We work on promoting the exchange of good practices including indigenous practices used to address drought, desertification, floods and erosion. We are also interested in promoting initiatives for sustainable use and management of forest and other land resources with the involvement of local communities.Our current projects include environmental education in schools and orphanages, a green media campaign for environmental education, sustainable farming and tree planting, as well as a communitz pg farm project curbing youth unemployment, illegal hunting and malnutrition.