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School building for disabled children in India - do now create future!

Sullia, India

School building for disabled children in India - do now create future!

Sullia, India

It ist he goal of this project to build a school and hostel for disabled children in India. The new school is going to provide space for 60-70 girls and boys. We additionally plan to build a hostel in which 30 children can be hosted.

Christian H. from Hand des Menschen - Kindern eine Zukunft geben e.V | 
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About this project

We want dreams become reality! We want to create a future where children and young adults who are physically and/or mentally disabled can develop their talents so they can go towards an independent future! We want to enable children to be the future!

The Project aims to build a school and hostel for 60-70 children in Sullia, a rural area in the rainforests of south India. We cooperate there, with the Sadashiv Family, which founded the ‘Sandeep Special School’ in 2000 using their own capital. Right now 30 children can visit the existing school, where three teachers take lovely care of the children, physiotherapists take care of the physical handicaps of the children and all together they try to develop the talents of each and every child!

Disabled people do still have a especially difficult position in this poorish area of India, since they are seen to be of minor value, are treated badly, and most of all the children do not get the time and love of their parents, which are in an economically poor situation, but which they urgently need and deserve. The project of the Sandeep Special School is unique in the whole region, and can only react to the growing demand through the expansion of the building.

Through the extension of the school building and the new possibility of hosting children through the whole year, attending schoolis possible for those children who could not do before. Reasons for this are for example, the far distance to the school which can’t be driven on a daily basis or the bad conditions of the streets during monsoon season, where they can’t be used for transportation. By hosting those children, it will be able for them to attend this loving place, they will be able to develop their qualities and receive love and mindfulness.

The construction plans are done! As soon as the financing is ensured, the building process can start!
Updated at 18. September 2020