Internet cafes & computer workshops for Refugees

An aid project by “Refugees Emancipation” (Eben C.) in Potsdam, Germany

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Eben C. (Project Manager)

Eben C.
Asylum seekers are in a precarious situation after fleeing from war, hunger or violence. In the beginning of their time in Germany they are often isolated in homes and aren't allowed to work or to learn german. To make matters worse the complicated asylum law and bureaucratic barriers are hard to understand and tackle even for german speaking people.

Access to the internet or a computer, things that many of us take for granted, are not available to refugees most of the time. However, especially they need them urgently to tackle challenges in their daily lives: staying in touch or establishing contact with relatives and friends abroad, reading the news from their homecountry, using translation services, getting informed about their new city, it's laws and their rights or furthering their education while staying in Germany via online courses or other resources.

We are convinced that access to the internet is a human right.

Refugees Emancipation is a non-profit organization founded by refugees, that fills this gap in collaboration with a circle of supporters. For the past 15 years we have been working on establishing self-organizing internet cafes in residential homes and offer computer courses. These are places to meet and to learn for all residents. In addition they help other refugees all across Germany in building other self-organized computer rooms.

The "Chaos Computer Club e.V.", the "Förderverein freie Netzwerke e.V." and more initiatives support us in this crowdfunding campaign, so that we can continue our work next year and even extend it. Together with all of you we would like to achieve a stable future for the internet cafes and in the best case even open entirely new ones.

We thank you for your support!

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Location: Potsdam, Germany

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  • Kinder Stunde- Internet Cafe- Heinrichmann-Allee Potsdam.

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  • Computerkurs-Internet Cafe in Potsdam- Schlaatz

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  • Computerkurs für Geflüchtete in Zusammenarbeit mit Studierenden aus Berlin und Brandenburg in einem unserer Internetcafés.

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