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Books for children in our kindergarten / daycare

A project from Förderverein der Kita Holsteiner Ufer e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

We would like to provide each of the 7 nursery/preschool-groups in our kindergarten with 30 new books, in order to support the kindergarten´s intention of enhancing the language skills of the children.

M. Pörschke
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About this project

Education starts with the acquisition of language. Reading books to children helps them acquire a large vocabulary and pick up the grammar.
As early as at the age of 2 or 3 years the children in our kindergarten have very unequal capacities of speaking. Not due to their age - but due to the fact that they grow up in different families: Some come from a migration background (in our kindergarten up to 40% of the children do not speak German at home), some have parents, who read books to their children daily, some never get read to. The differences in their language skills become greater every day until they go to school. At school, though, it is vital for their success, that they have a good knowledge of the German language. It is the basis of everything.

In order to smoothen out the different opportunities children have due to their family-background, our kindergarten has decided to strengthen the language skills of the children by putting a focus on this part of the education there. The nursery nurses try to read as much as possible to the children. In additon to that, we have two elderly ladies, who come in our kindergarten weekly in order to read books to the children, who have the most language deficits.

But we also need BOOKS, which are interesting, in order to keep the children interested. That´s our project here: We want to provide each of the 7 groups in our kindergarten with 30 new books. Please help us, to reach our goal! Thank you.

we want to give 30 books to each class in our kindergarten.

We would like to provide the daycare "Holsteiner Ufer" in Berlin with 30 books for each nursery class/preschool group. There are seven