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Closed A healing place for traumatized ghetto dwellers

Nairobi, Kenya

Closed A healing place for traumatized ghetto dwellers

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Normal Difference Mental Health Kariobangi is an alternative mental health project providing respectful and empowering support for people suffering from traumatic life experiences in Kariobangi, one of the many ghettos in Nairobi.

C. von Taysen from Normal Difference Mental Health KariobangiWrite a message

The project was initiated in February 2009. A group of 12 people in Kariobangi, one of the many ghettos in Nairobi, founded the community based organization "Normal Difference Mental Health Kariobangi".
Up to now, there have not been any public mental health services in Kariobangi.
Respectful and empowering support for people suffering from conditions like depression, anxieties, delusions or unusual experiences is dearly needed, though -
especially considering the traumatizations inflicted by the post election violence in 2007/2008.

They need a safe, healing place in their community to be able to cope with their traumatic experiences.
The project will provide this place by offering a drop-in-centre, self help groups, councelling and sportive and creative activities for the clients.
The goal is to give them a chance to find positive, empowering ways to deal with their issues, regain strength and self-confidence and live a self determined life in their communities.

The objectives as specified in the constitution:
- support the development of healthy, active lifestyles, mental fitmess and resilience.
- fight the stigmatization of mental health problems.
- help clients understand that their mental health issues don't only have negative impacts on their lives, but can lead to a better understanding of certain aspects and needs of their lives.
- support the families of the clients.
- offer specific help for women suffering from domestic violence.
- offer holistic help by involving their habitual environment, relating to existing resources and creating reliable, longstanding support.

Donations will pay for:
- the rent of a room serving as public meeting place and providing a safe room for self help groups and councelling.
- the rent of an office for the active members of "Normal Difference Mental Health Kariobangi".
- furniture and office equipment