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Afroskop - General Support

Gita, Kenya

We support widows and orphans with the local organization New Paradigm in Kenya to improve their living conditions.

Andrea Schagalkowitsch from Afroskop e.V.
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Afroskop e.V. supports the local organization New Paradigm in Kenya and has been doing so since March 2012. New Paradigm is dedicated to support single mothers and grandmothers in Kenya as well as elderly and ill women in the West-African village of Gita and promoting their interests.

In Kenyan society today, there is a large number of both widows who raise their children on their own and grandmothers who in their old age have no option but to care for their orphaned grandchildren. Instead of giving up they often look for any opportunity to provide the children with a balanced diet and good education. That is what makes them extraordinary women!

We support their commitment and dedication:

Among other things, we support New Paradigm by providing 60 children who have lost one or both parents with a free meal in school throughout the school week.

Donations that are given via this betterplace project are considered unrestricted and shall be used for where they are needed the most at the time.

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