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Funded Wasteland Project in Benin

Papatia/Kouande, Benin

Funded Wasteland Project in Benin

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This wasteland project should bring awareness to young people in Benin about the importance and scope of land restoration for life.

A. Sücker from WEMA-HOME e.V.Write a message

In 2001, WEMA HOME partnered on projects with Roots & Shoots. Roots & Shoots was founded by the prominent behaviourist researcher Jane Goodall, who worked with children and youth worldwide.

For the purpose of this partnership, WEMA-HOME started a pilot project in Gobada for the restoration of clear-cut, destroyed land. In the last decade, we were did this project in Benin, due to the enormous poverty, population growth, economic weakness, and scarce subsistence resources. The once green, flourishing landscape was significantly wiped out through clear-cutting, and the Sahel desert region continues to expand.

Our goal is to raise awareness among young people about the importance of restoration for the life of everyone and everything and to help children to develop respect and wonder of all creatures through one’s own conscious lifestyle and behaviours. In this way, each person can make a difference, even in small ways.

Project Concept:
The students will be provided with a piece of eroded wasteland and will be given the opportunity to restore the land.

To this end, we need:
Fencing of the area for protection with a thorn hedge.
Regular maintenance (hedges, firebreak, etc)
Informational signs
Nature trail through the area (one is not allowed to leave the trail!)

Necessary project support requires:
Financing of hedges and signage
Financing of the seedlings and work materials
Financing of the beehives (the suggestion for beehives came from the students)

Currently, 36 students are participating in the project. We have received many interested inquiries from schools, showing us that the interest in the project is large.

We would like each primary school in Benin to have “ownership” of 1 hectare of wasteland.

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