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Diagnostic Equipment for the care of HIV positive patients in Bamenda

BAMENDA, Cameroon

Medical laboratory equipment to care for HIV positive patients in Bamenda Cameroon. Determination of CD4 cells to evaluate the success of treatment with antiviral or immunotherapy with VANHIVAX

c. smart from PEECAS e.V
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The German based NGO PEECAS e.V in Essen in cooperation with the Cameroonian partner organization, Peasant Economists Association, is currently building a diagnostic center in the city of Bamenda '
With this project : The Peasant Diagnostic and Training Health Center in Bamenda, we want the poor of the population in the city and surrounding villages to finally have access to simple, cheap routinely modern diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.
We need medical devices necessary for the equipment to the diagnostic center. Most important however is the device for the determination of CD4 cells. CD4 cells are the main defense cells of the immune system, which is attacked by the HIV virus which docks into them as parasites and finally destroys the CD4 cells. By so doing the immune system is weakened by the fall of the CD4 cell count. By determining the CD4 cell count a could be made about therapeutic success or failure. To care for HIV positive patients , the device is indispensable. The device CyFlow by the company Partec is small and can be transported from village to village. Energy consumption is low and can therefore be powered by solar energy or battery. This play a big role in keeping the cost of diagnosis low and affordable to the poor.