Closed CULT-AIR (cultural exchange for people in need)

An aid project by “World-Horizon” (Benjamin H.) in Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Benjamin H. (Project Manager)

Benjamin H.
Since the origination of this project idea in July 2009, 6 people are working in Germany and Ecuador toward its implementation. The idea came about when Benjamin Henkes remarked about how difficult it is for people from the third world to travel. This is due to the fact that they don’t have the financial resources necessary for that purpose, but also because the industrialised world creates impossibly high hurdles for the people in these lands. We are privileged to visit foreign countries and learn other languages, thereby broadening our own horizons; at the same time however, we indirectly forbid those other people to do the same who have made this very privilege possible.

The people of Ecuador benefit from the success of this project by receiving support for structuring their future plans. This includes a free intensive 10-month German course and one 1-year residency in Germany as well as a subsequent reintegration course to guarantee further training and education in Ecuador. Volunteers who apply to spend their civil service year supporting the project on-location in Ecuador receive the benefits of learning another language and having unique experiences. German families are lined up to take part in a cultural exchange. The volunteers are working on projects, having valuable experiences, and engaging in a good cause.

The largest challenges are acquiring the 15,000 Euros needed in donations to support the program’s first year, and finding people who are willing to voluntarily and collaboratively support the project. Through, we hope to find donors, ideas and people with an interest to help.

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Location: Esmeraldas, Ecuador

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