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Conception & construction of a children's home, Samziuram, Nagaland, India

A project from nach und nach e.V.
in Samziuram Village, India

Project of the non-profit charitable association "nach und nach e.V." in Heidelberg. We support the establishment of the "Lungziu Development Organization" in Samziuram Village, Nagaland, India.

C. Navarro
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The "Lungziu Development Organization" in Samziuram Village (Peren District, Nagaland, India) is a project by Kieziele Nring (early childhood educator) and her husband Rev. Dr. Elungkiebe Zeliang (Martin Luther Christian University in Shillong, Meghalaya), who passed his doctorate in theology in Heidelberg. We have known since 2009 the family, who went back to India in April 2013. Kieziele and Elungkiebe own a piece of land in Samziuram Village, where they will establish the children's home. The board has been set up and the work on the plot has already started.
Nagaland is situated in the far north-east of India, east of Bangladesh, and it is one of the poorest regions of the country. The children's home would give access to schooling to children who currently live too far away from the existing schools.