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Learning in a global context

Berlin, 13055, Germany

School days with qualified people from countries in Africa, Asia or Latinamerica helps the children to get in a direct contact with other cultures.

A. Hammoud from GSE e. V. | 
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About this project

Children needs to be well informed about globalization - so they have better possibilities in our globalized future. To be open in front of people from other countries, other cultures, other religions - that's what german (and european) authorities demands. We are trying to support teachers to realize this: with thematic offers. A school day, for exemple, with our freelancer from Peru shows to the children the former and contemporary life in this region, explains the origin and the big importance of the potato. Or a drum workshop with a musician from Ghana, who tells about his life as child of a cocoa planter o shows the water situation in Ghana's towns and rural areas - children like it and never will forget how Kofi was carrying a bucket of water on his head when he was a small boy. And the conclusion, that water is valuable like gold, is not so far - as well as the idea to have a look on the own water using...
Updated at 18. March 2020