Closed Livelihood Improvement Programme in Ghana

An aid project by “Kpangmaga Development Aid” (Musah A.) in Tamale, Ghana

Musah A. (Project Manager)

Musah A.
KADA wants to provide up to 600 women from the rural communities in the Northern Region of Ghana with micro loans.
We work in the districts Tamale rural, Tolon/Kumbungu and Savelugu/ in the Northern Region.
These districts were selected because of their high status in terms of illiteracy, school drop-out rate and unemployment status. There women are economically active but underprivileged. The majority of these women are illiterate. They have little or no education at all and therefore have little or no opportunities to access bank loans to carry out their businesses.
This problem goes a long way to affect their children’s education. Many of them are not capable of paying their children’s school fees and provide them nutritious meals. The worst affected of this lack of business are the daughters as they migrate to the south to work as porters for money.
These families are kept in a cycle of poverty. If the parents are not able to send their children to school the family will stay in poverty for ongoing generations.
Putting the women into business will bring a lot of improvement on the families of the beneficiaries for the coming generations.
This project is ongoing. Two communities have already benefited from KADA’s loans which have a positive impact since most of the women are now in business and can pay for their children’s school fees and can provide decent food for the family.
KADA needs an amount of up to 30.000 € to loan up to 600 women, but every little contribution is helpful because it allows us to start with a part of the women. The seed capital for each woman will be between 50 € and 75 €.
With your donation you help families to leave the cycle of poverty for ongoing generations.

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Location: Tamale, Ghana

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