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Closed Please help our dog shelter "Riska" in Belgrade,Serbia

Belgrade , Serbia

Help for dog shelter -Riska in Belgrade Serbia. Shelter has 200 dogs and annual coasts for the shelter is about 35 000 euro. Shelter has a no kill policy. Dog lives solely depends on help of donors.

M. Krivokuca from Animal Hope-Riska
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Shelter for stray dogs "Riska " exists for 13 years and it is located in Belgrade , Shelter leads Association for the protection of animals " Animal Hope-Riska . "
When abandoned dogs arrive at the shelter they are vaccinated, neutered and registered. Shelter has about 200 animals. Shelter has 73 boxes (size of 18-100 square meters ) and it is located on area of 47 inches and has two small outbuildings. Unfortunately, the shelter has limited capacity and we are unable to take more new animals in the number of which would be required. The concept of the shelter is based on the idea that dogs found new homes in new families but unfortunately most of the dogs stay all their life in the shelter. Shelter has a no-kill policy. Our survival depends solely on donations and volunteer help.
Annual cost of the shelter is about 35 000 eur. Due to the inability to secure funding, dog food is mostly cooked (bread mixed with meat).

The most important costs are:

-Food for animals
-The costs of sterilization , vaccination , chipping, Veterinary costs (diagnostics , therapies, surgeries , medications etc )
-Costs for cleaning tablets of anti- parasites and fleas, ticks
-Costs for straw for the winter for dog houses and coal for winter heating ( hospitals, quarantine )
-Costs for wood stove for cooking food
-Costs for Disinfectants, hygiene
- Funds for ambulance
- Electricity costs
- Cost for renovation and repair ( boxes , dog houses , rooms , fences , paths , etc.).

In accordance with the foregoing, we please you to help us, depending on your capabilities. We find any kind of help that will enable maintenance and survival of the shelter significant.