Funded Bicycle Mobility Relief for multiplebirth mothers

An aid project by “Multiple Childbirth Support Foundation” (A. Ekeanyanwu) in Abuja, Nigeria

A. Ekeanyanwu (Project Manager)

A. Ekeanyanwu
The Bicycle Mobility Relief Project is to help mothers of twins and triplets in rural communities transport their farm produce and other handcrafts to the local market for sell. Since the children are more than one, it is not possible for these mothers to carry them on their back in the African traditional way and the farm produce or handcrafts on their head at the same time to walk the long distance to the market. It is also difficult for these women to get a helping hand with looking after the children at home while they go to the market because they children are more than one and it takes a long time for the mother to come back from the market due to the long walk. This situation has brought more economic hardship for these multiplebirth rural mothers whose source of income is dependent on the sales of their farm produce. Multiple Childbirth Support Foundation is an organization that has been assisting the families of twins, triplets and more in Nigeria. Through the Bicycle Mobility Relief Project, we are looking for donations to buy ten bicycles to help ten women from this group. When these women are empowered through access to mobility, they will become enterprising, will help provide food security for their family through the income made from their sells and will be inspired to commit more to farming and agricultural scheme.

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Location: Abuja, Nigeria

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