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Little Angels

Little Angels; Sarah Fester; Anja Friedrich

S. Fester from Verein Little Angel e.V.Write a message

The Kenyan orphanage, Little Angels, is located in Likoni, a poor area of Mombasa. It is the home to 30 children aged six to 17 years old. The orphanage struggles to maintain a decent standard of living for the children. We would like to help improve the conditions in the orphanage by having you Sponsor us.

Based on our philosophy of helping people to help themselves, a primary goal is to provide the children with the necessary education that will enable them to become responsible, independent and financially secure. By providing an education, we believe that these children will have more opportunities. Teachers, who teach the orphans and the neighbourhood children, do not have formal teaching qualifications, and they earn very little. A proportion of the donation will be used to finance teacher education and salaries.

Anja Friedrich was a volunteer in Kenya from June 2011 to August 2011 and got to know the "Little Angels". She saw that children slept on thin mattresses on the floor. There were neither pots nor bowls. The Little Angels had very little. After returning to Germany, she founded the non-profit association Little Angels e.V. The association acts in a selfless manner and does not pursue its own financial interests.

Donations have been used to buy land and build a kindergarten and a school with three classrooms. The older children attend a public school, which is about an hour walking distance away. The school is built of stone and corrugated iron sheets serve as the roof. Since its foundation, the association has achieved much, yet conditions are still poor. There is no power and no tap water. The well cannot provide sufficient water, and the toilets are outhouses.

With your donations, we want to improve the sanitary conditions and help the orphanage to help itself. It already owns a few goats and chickens, but there is hardly any room to farm animals or grow vegetables. Significantly, the children do not have an adequate area to play. Our hope is to purchase an adjacent site. Even though we are a long way from achieving our aims for the school, we remain optimistic and determined.

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