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Closed Education for deprived, widows', destitute and rural poor children

Pudukkottai, India

Closed Education for deprived, widows', destitute and rural poor children

Pudukkottai, India

The pre-school educational programme for the children of deprived, widows, destitute and rural poor where no Govt. ICDS are not availed, to ensure mothers' income, elder sisters' education and to rid off drop out at Pudukkottai district.

KULANDAIVELU M. from Rural Development Organisation -RDO | 
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About this project

The Pre school educational programme for 2-5 years children of deprived, widows, destitute and rural poor of Pudukkottai District where Govt. ICDS centers are not reached still to enhance the knowledge of poor kids at the proper stage by proper way. Because the 2-5 years period of every man's life is very essential to insist whether good or bad things in to the mind for the whole life. The target people we have selected in the project are not utilized good or bad things but they are simply idol which is very danger to become cruel man/woman.
The following information about the current status of Govt.Integrated Child Development Scheme - ICDS was got through the District Level Needs Assessment Survey 2013, which was accomplished by our organization under the Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Govt.of India.
 In over the entire district 66236 children in the age group of 0 – 3 years and 47746 children in the age group of 3-5 years are utilizing the ICDS Centers services.
 In Pudukkottai district there are 1652 centers and 159 Sub centers are functioning to cater the children’s Nutrition, Pre-Primary school education.
Also, according to the Norms of Govt. in establishing new centers, the village which is populated from 800-1000 persons is eligible to have a Main ICDS center. The village populated from 400 - 500 persons is eligible to have a Mini ICDS center. Here the population is calculated majority by the numbers of adults. Frankly, there are many more villages which has the highest numbers of children's population especially in the band of Scheduled caste, Scheduled Tribes and most remote areas where the people have low income and have high number of population at each family. RDO concerns of the families especially of the children. Due to the ignorance of parents, the 2-5 years kids are ill healthy, deprived at day time. Also to care the kids, the mothers have to stay at home without going to their seasonal agro labor works or the elder child especially girl is hold at home for sibling care. This causes low economy as current and drop out from education as sustainable main sources to eliminate poverty.The need of the project was designed by the Team of Panchayat Presidents, poor parents and elder children of families.

By the priority of most vulnerability, the villages will be selected as much as possible by the Online donations. By the contributions of each Panchayat and public,the buildings will be gathered for day care cum educational centers which will run from 9am to 4pm to ensure the timings of mothers' work. Each center will have a trained Teacher, Ayah who will be paid minimum salary, Play way educational cum recreational materials, well nutritious food, egg, grains and regular Medical check ups and Parents Teachers Association Meetings. The 50 children will be cared and taught by 2teachers & 2Ayahs by minimum salary. The strategies planned here is followed by us from the existing same programme at 5 poor villages.
Updated at 25. February 2016