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Joung, athletic, COLON CANCER - Donate for a life saving early diagnosis!

The initiative Rote Hose (Red Pants) fights for colon cancer prevention + early detection following the motto: Learn - Realize - Act - and don´t wait to be 50! Because detected early, colon cancer is curable.

Susanne S. from Rote Hose - DarmkrebsvorsorgeWrite a message

A Fact Sheet

Age: ............... 31
Nutrition: ........ Healthy
Fitness: .......... Sporty
Symptom: ....... Blood in stool
DIAGNOSIS: ... Colorectal tumor ( genotype : Unobtrusive )

The Message

Even with no apparent hereditary predisposition and a healthy lifestyle a younger person can get colon cancer.

The Facts

- Colon cancer is the second most common cancer in Germany
- There are far fewer people with lung cancer, but it is much more present
- There are effective screening tests that are quite simple and don´t hurt
- Detected early, colon cancer is curable

The Goal

Colon cancer is no disease of the elderly! People need to be aware of this, so that they learn, recognize and act early enough.
With little effort we want to create ​​a big impact - first in Germany and later worldwide

Everyone is invited to participate:

Do what you can
with what you have
and wherever you are!

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