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Closed Support for our local team in Santchou, Cameroon

Global Compassion, Support for our local team in Santchou, Cameroon ( ) Phone: +237 70193939 Skype: awanfeclement Web: P.O.BOX 8353 Deido, Douala Cameroon

C. Awanfe Ngueto from Global CompassionWrite a message

On January 04, 2014, the team of Global Compassion ( ) began fieldwork in the commune of Santchou in western Cameroon (Africa). The first phase included among others: the preparation and launching of Kids Have a Dream Workshop (11 January 2014), surveys in relation to our projects and data collection in the field.
Initially our local team consisted of 04 people including: Alexander Morris (volunteer from UK) Awanfe Ngueto Clement (President of Global Compassion), Franklin Ewoukap (local team coordinator) and Nadège Eyoum G. (local volunteer). The only way of transportation in the commune and mainly in the villages is the Motorbikes and 01 motorbike carrying 02 people: a driver and a passenger (sometimes 03 people: 01 driver and 02 passengers) and our various movements required two motorbikes.

But our team is facing a critical problem during phase which we are still continuing on the ground, once the work is completed in some villages of the locality ( for a period of 02 or 03 days Sometimes ) , our team was blocked because they cannot find motorbikes to return to the usual place for report. This difficulties to which we are still confronted, situation makes our work longer and more painful and mowing our agenda of work that is sufficiently charged in the Commune (Santchou have more than 32 enclave villages with cultural diversity).

A local office located in our project area is very needed also:

Our local team in Santchou work since many years ago without a office – a official place for organization’s meeting and report our working days In the area with team – a place where people can easily find us and donors, followers, visitors, officials and community members can easily get in touch with us, know more about us and exchange if possible. Office location is very good to any organization to give more credibility to social challenge and attract more funding to our projects. The need is real and our summer internship is going to start this year…Last summer 2014 our interns and volunteers was working with our local team in different location and mostly in homes (families home and public area) with more noise and not really good for concentrations.

Our projects in the field listed below:

1- Kids Have a Dream Workshops (03 Workshops launch and more than 150 children)
2- The Commonwealth Values Program ( Global Citizens in The Making: Inspire>Aspire )
3- Potable Water project (to give water to 30 000 people in Santchou)

More pictures here:

You can make a pledge to support our local team with a Motorbike and items needed for our local office in Santchou.

Contact us:
E -mail:
Skype: awanfeclement
Phone : +237 70193939
P.O.BOX Deido 8353 , Douala Cameroon