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Closed Reforestation: 25,000 & more seedlings for the rainforest

A project from OroVerde - Die Tropenwaldstiftung
in Manolo-Tavarez-Justo-Nationalpark, Dominican Republic

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Birthe H.
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About this project

With a small donation only you have here the chance to support the conservation of the rainforest. We achieved our premier objective to plant 25.000 trees in 2014. Now, we want to extend our activities here! Join in and help us to reforest deforested areas in the border areas of a national park in the Dominican Republic and relieve the poverty of the inhabitans.

The project area:
The Dominican Republic is not only a paradise for vacations but also a real nature paradise. The Manolo-Tavárez-Justo national park is situated in the heart of the island. Various forest types exist here, from rare cloud forests with giant fern trees to old pine forests. You can even find a living fossil in this region: the Dominican solenodon, whose direct ancestors already lived in the time of the dinosaurs. However, the shrew-like Solendon is highly threatened nowadays, as deforestation does not stop at borders and also occurs in the national park.
One of the main factors causing the destruction of the rainforest is the poverty of the local population: The majority of the rural population lives below the poverty line. That means that they have less than a euro at their disposal per day. Although things are cheaper in the Caribbean, also here this is not enough. In order to feed their families, peasants clear the rainforest to establish plantations and pastureland. But when the forest is missing, the soil is not protected anymore. It can be easily removed by rainfalls and washed out into the rivers. In some areas there already remain only bare hills. One day the whole soil might be infertile and the peasants will have to migrate and clear new and often still intact forested areas. With this a cycle of destruction begins.

Our plan of action for the rainforest:

1. Reforestation: tree seedlings will be planted on degraded and destroyed rainforest areas. The planting of one seedling only costs one euro.In total we want to rehabilitate 33 hectar of forest. Our particular attention is paid to reforestation of areas in hillside situations (protection of erosion) and catchment areas.

2. Combating poverty – conserving rainforest: Additionally, cacao trees that will be planted in the understory of the natural forest are supposed to improve the living conditions of the families living in the region and prevent further clear-cutting. Every euro is well invested here: one cacao seedling costs 2 euros. In courses and workshops peasants furthermore learn the basics and methods of the sustainable production of coffee and cacao.

3. Improve the diet of local families: To reduce the exploitation of the woods and to improve the supply with fresh food, 70 fruit and vegetable gardens will be established. Especially the women are interested to plant their own fruits, vegetables and herbs for medical use. They will get the necessary implement, seeds and the kow-how to install and cultivate a kitchen garden.

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