Blocked Protect the Chorokhi Delta in Batumi, a Hotspot for Birds on Migration

An aid project by “Batumi Raptor Count” (Jasper W.) in Chorokhi, Georgia

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Jasper W. (Project Manager)

Jasper W.
The Chorokhi delta is one of the most important stops at the Black Sea coast for birds on migration, and the pressure on this natural gem is high. A lot of hunting and illegal killing is still taking place, but also the demand of new buildings threaten this unique place.

The first spring count focus on waders, seabirds and passerines in the Chorokhi Delta near Batumi! The count will take place from 01. April till 31. May, as a side project with the pilot count for spring Raptor Migration in the Batumi bottleneck. The resulting delta will be used as scientific based argument to highlight the importance of the delta as hotspot for bird migration. We hope this prevents the infrastructural impact on the delta and that the birds can roost there during migration for many more decades.

The BRC has already been successful with establishing a program which decreased hunting activities around their counting stations in Autumn. After 6 years the autumn project includes a broad based education network, established eco-tourism to support conservation and to help local people to raise income. The BRC has attracted more than 250 volunteers in the past years and has an increasing eco-tourism year by year. The local people and the migrating raptors are already profiting of it.

With every donation we will gain knowledge about the tremendous migration of the waders, seabirds and passerines, provide local people with a stable basis for future economic development, asses the illegal killing of birds and protect the area’s stunning natural richness!
So, please donate!

Your donation will be directly and only used for research purposes which are necessary to build the base for survey and conservation activities in the delta. All work is performed by volunteers and local people.

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Location: Chorokhi, Georgia

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  • Chorokhi Delta is home to many endangered bird species

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  • Many species of waders come to forage in the delta

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  • Chorokhi Delta should be paradise for both humans and wildlife!

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  • unique species of birds are dependent of the Chorokhi Delta

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