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Family Center for Traunstein, Germany

A project from Mütterzentrum Traunstein e.V.
in Traunstein, Germany

family center, kindergarten, crib, school catering

Daniela Roider
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About this project

The institution Parent Center of Traunstein e.V. was founded in 1986. It is characterized as a low threshold-meeting place for families in Traunstein and district. Here everyone feels welcome, who enjoys being together with and taking care of children. For 28 Years this Centre has been an useful and necessary starting point for young families, single parents, new residents, families without their own Babysitting assistance, and those who need help with authorities.

We offer free support on parenting, education issues, crisis intervention and low cost childcare there is also an affordable Cafe operation.

Now this non-profit organization needs much larger and more modern facilities!
The current Building needs renovation and is much too small.
We are planning a new project to build a new two story facility with approximately 650 m2 floor space and 1000 m2 outdoor area. The new building will be built in the energy-efficient KW55 standard.

Essentially, it will provide more space for the open meeting area, children's Park, playgroups and a kitchen and also space for a midwifery practice. On the first floor a two group kindergarten (50 spaces) is planned and an office for the management of the Family Center. In the attic there is to be a multi-purpose room for sports, crafts, music, festivals and larger groups. Because we are also a nursery (52 spaces) since 2011, providing child care from 6:00 am until evening at 20:30 pm if needed we want to give a trusting atmosphere for families where you can find help and advice in all walks of life.

We want to pre-emptively offer a wide range of services for the families. Doctors, Nutritionists, Midwives, Social Workers and Mediators will offer their knowledge in lectures and workshops.
With this new concept of total care for families, the people of the whole district can take advantage of high quality care as well as improved structure.