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Help us improve the safety of patients suffering from rare diseases

OrphanAnesthesia published guidelines for the anaesthesiological management of rare diseases.

N. Schnabel from DGAI e.V.Write a message

Help us support patients with rare diseases!

The aim of our project OrphanAnesthesia is the publication of anaesthesiological guidelines for patients who suffer from rare diseases. The safety of patients will thus be improved. 

When it comes to the management of rare diseases, physicians do not always have a large experience, due to the rarity of the disease. The physicians can get information about the management of the anaesthesiological management on our project website, resulting in an improvement of patient care and a better network. 

We merge evidence-based and peer-reviewed guidelines on our website free-of-charge. These guidelines are available for physicians, patients and relatives. 

This project needs to be further promoted in order to attract a larger number of participants and readers worldwide. An improvement of the management of patients with rare diseases would thus be ensured. 

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