Closed Empower Deprived Rural Community Through Pig Farming

An aid project by “Wise and Solace Foundation” (W. Agoha) in Eleme-Ketu North Volta Region, Ghana

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W. Agoha (Project Manager)

W. Agoha
This project will be run by less privileged and marginalize youth in deprived rural community who are small scale farmers. The project will provide timely meat gift for the less privileged as part of boosting their nutritional level.
The project will also aims at solving the economic hardship and poverty level of the poor in this community in terms of learning different skills in animal farming and how they can generate income to cater for their needs and for their growth.The poverty level in this community has been a barrier to socioeconomic and educational benefits in the community. The less privileged in this community are not supported or even involved in beneficial activities including self reliant project. They are seen as not important in society and cannot make any fruits that would change society. This project will solve the problem of going far distance to get livestock for traditional and cultural activities, money to further their education, money to live a better live and caring of their dependents.

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Location: Eleme-Ketu North Volta Region, Ghana

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