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Give children a chance of education in Granada/ Nicaragua

Help us to finance 140 school packages and give children in Nicaragua a chance of education!!!

Sarah U. from Proyecto Mosaico e. V.Write a message

Dear friend of Proyecto Mosaico e.V.,

Until the beginning of 2014, the financial facilitation of the school package program was sponsored by donations of a group of Italian supporters, securing the constant distribution of school material for the children. However, out of the blue the donations were discontinued and as a consequence the school attendance of many deprived children is endangered in 2015!! Help us to enable 140 children to have a chance of education - support them with a much needed school package!!!

Only 48 percent of all the children in Nicaragua finish primary school. And only four out of ten pupils finish primary school within the proposed six years. Nationwide, the youth unemployment rate of women and men between 18 and 28 years amounts to 40 percent.

Our Nicaraguan Partner-NGO APIMUNIC (Asociación por la igualidad de la mujer en Nicaragua) was founded in 2006. Mission of the organization is to improve the education as well as the living conditions of children, adolescents and women in Granada. An important component of the NGO’s work is the constant distribution of school materials to children from low-income families, besides the continuing education for women. Furthermore, this process is taken as a means to emphasise the importance of school education, and to make children, teenagers and their families actively aware of it.

As mentioned, until the beginning of 2014, the financial facilitation of the school package program was sponsored by donations of a group of Italian supporters. However, the sudden discontinuance of their support severely endangers the school attendance of 140 children- because without uniform and school materials they cannot follow classes!

All school children live in Santa Emilia, a district within the city of Granada. Proyecto Mosaico has been actively working in this area in the course of various activities of the EcoARTE project, and thus knows many of the affected children personally. Accordingly, Proyecto Mosaico cares a lot for the future of these young residents.

Therefore, our Christmas donation campaign focuses entirely on raising enough donations to finance 140 school packages - and in this way to ensure their chance of attending school in 2015!!

A school package for one student consists of two parts: The first one, at the beginning of the year, contains the obligatory school uniform, shoes and a backpack as well as school materials such as notebooks, pens and rubbers. The additional package is handed out in the second semester, and stocks up on needed supplies.

Help Proyecto Mosaico e.V. to support the NGO APIMUNIC in their ambitions - and give these children a chance of education!!