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Against causes of migration!

A project from Southern Network for Environment and Development
in Techiman, Ghana

SONED and Ghana Permaculture Institute(GPI) initiate a 3-years project to develop an active sustainability network for environmental education and initiatives in Ghana and West Africa to help communities in rural areas by diverse workshops and acions

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About this project

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We are happy that after a long and intensive participative planning period this project has finally started and is moving forward and bringing sustainable development to rural areas of Ghana.
The Ghana Permaculture Institute (GPI) has a lot of experience as an educational organization: in environmental education as well as in the provision of income generating activities such as the production and marketing of Moringa products, mushroom cultivation, beekeeping and organic farming methods. The network for environmental education and initiatives in Ghana and West Africa will help communities to use locally available resources more efficiently, to create other sources of income as well as open perspectives for activities and thereby empower the local communities.
Based on workshops practical experiences and knowledge of eco-conscious economic and lifestyle forms will be passed on in rural areas of Ghana. This will be multiplied within a network of regional activity centres. Women shall be integrated equally in the programs. They are responsible for the education of the next generation, so the newly acquired knowledge will be passed intergenerational by the traditional way.

We give you the opportunity to get involved in this amazing project and to contribute to the success of it with your donation. SONED was able to raise 85% of the total project budget from funding agencies and you can help to cover the remaining 15% with your donation.

The fight against poverty will be combined with schemes to protect resources, forests, environment and climate. To reach that goal, the principles of permaculture are applied. A curriculum of consecutive seminars is adapted to local conditions, communities and their specific needs. Innovations shall be integrated and stabilized to advance sustainable economies without dependence from the North. A range of several actions creates the foundation for a sustainability network in Ghana and West Africa in the long-term. These actions include hands-on workshops focusing on environmental education and the use of sustainable agriculture methods (e.g. an introduction to Moringa products) and the construction of training Centre with accommodation as a central place for exchange of knowledge and experience (e.g. a sustainability conference ).