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Child Protection and Development Center (CPDC)

A project from HUMAN HELP NETWORK Foundation Thailand
in Pattaya City, Thailand

Child Protection and Development Center, CPDC, Protection, Education, and Future Perspectives for Street Children in Pattaya, Thailand.

E. Dietrich
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About this project

The Child Protection and Development Center was built by the Human Help Network Foundation Thailand in 2008. HHNFT is an independent non-governmental organization which has already won Thailand’s NGO Award in 2013.

The CPDC provides a home for children who used to live on the streets, thus were in danger of exploitation, abuse and extreme poverty.
The center consists of eight residence houses, each offering space for up to eight children and a supervisor. At the moment 35 boys and 30 girls are living in CPDC.

The children living at CPDC attend public schools in the local area and are supported in their studies by the CPDC staff as many of them did not had the chance to attend school regularly in their time living on the streets. Since 2010 CPDC has its own Education Center where the CPDC staff offers e.g. Thai and English classes during the weekends.
Besides, the CPDC supports the children in becoming independent young adults. Therefore, every child has different household chores e.g. taking care of its school uniform and to tidy up its room.
Moreover, CPDC has three farming projects – a garden project, a pig and a chicken farm. With these projects the children learn how to plant different vegetables and herbs and how to take care of others.

A nursing unit offers medical treatment for the children living at the CPDC and for slum children.

In many cases the children have been traumatized by events and experiences in their childhood. The role of CPDC’s social workers is to accompany each former street child in the process of self-rehabilitation.

To effectively combat child trafficking as well as commercial and sexual exploitation of children, the CPDC has set up a four step process model:

1. Outreach work is the initial action to get in touch with street children and who are in constant danger of being abused or exploited. The CPDC’s outreach staff tries to establish a relationship with these children.

2. The Drop-in Center is the first step for children towards rehabilitation, providing basic necessities like food, a safe shelter, clothing and medicine. In case the children want to leave the streets and cannot be reconciled with their families, the Drop-In Center sends them to the CPDC.

3. The CPDC provides a long term shelter where they can grow up in a safe environment and receive consulting and education.

4. Prevention Program: The CPDC team has established a day care program for the children living in Pattaya’s slums. The aim is to teach children and whole families about the danger of crime, drugs, abuse and exploitation.
In 2014 the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) donated a Mobile Training Unit to support this work. The MTU is a minivan with a library and a television on board. In this way, the street worker can easily drive to different slum areas in Pattaya and entertain and teach the children through games, music, comics and cartoons.