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Closed "Dreams for the Future" - An Art Project with girls in Tanzania

Raising money for Art project in Bukoba, Tanzania. Donations needed to support creative work with children in Africa! I am going to go there in summer 2014 and need to raise money for the material.

Alexandra D. from Jambo Bukoba e.V.Write a message

Piano lessons once a week, soccer training twice a week and for the summer holidays you go horseback riding with your friends? Does this sound familiar?

Leisure activities that are part of the daily life of many european children, are rare for the girls in Tanzania.

I myself, was privileged enough to have the opportunity to go to a youth art school for 11 years. There I did not only learn about different painting techniques but i also got introduced to new cultures. My time at this art school was one of the most valuable times in my life and made a great impact on my life.

But what if you do not have access to art materials, like paints or canvasses, not even talking about paying a teacher, who could teach you different techniques? Potential, that would be so easy to unlock, is hidden.

And now its YOUR turn: YOU can help the girls to express themselves artistically by donating to this project! Let's go!!!

After a very successful art project with a group of girls from Bukoba in summer 2013 (of which you can see the photos on this project page), I want to go to Bukoba by Lake Victoria in Tanzania in June 2016, taking with me material you financed with your donation. I will do art workshops with the girls over there. Compared to 2013, where I "just" exhibited and sold the paintings in Munich, I want to paint and create with the children on-site, in order to foster their existing interest and talent.

In the first week the girls can experiment with different material (canvas and banana bark) and I will teach them how to make photorealistic portraits.

The theme of the project will be "dreams for the future". The girls can illustrate, how they imagine their future. Together with the project managers from Bukoba I chose this topic, because it can be followed up beyond the artistic realm, e.g. by supporting the girls to realize their dreams.

You can either support the project in a general manner, where you leave it up to me for what material your donation will be used. Or you make a specific donation for a material purchase you would like to support, e.g. the purchase of brushes. The sub-projects can be found on the right side.

Information about the NGO Jambo Bukoba, whose aim is amongst others to empower girls, can be found here:

All donations go directly to Jambo Bukoba e.V. and you can get a donation receipt.

Yours, Alex

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